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Address: 795 Pine Valley Drive, Suite 10 Pittsburgh, PA 15239
*Note: Any communication either through an e-mail or fax or telephone call does not represent nor guarantee any unit based on the time or date of that communication.  We do not maintain a list that provides any preferential consideration as a result of that communication.  No unit is held for any prospective tenant unless the prospective tenant physically views a unit and places a $100.00 [courtesy] hold on that particular unit [you cannot place a hold on more than one unit].  The prospective tenant then has three (3) business days to determine whether or not he/she wants that particular unit, and if so, must complete a rental application and other document(s) to lease that particular unit.  If the three (3) day hold period expires without the prospective tenant authorizing SK Management to proceed in performing our review of, but not limited to, credit history, rental history, public records, and employment and income, the [courtesy] hold period expires and the unit is placed on the market again.

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